Season Six and a Half

Well, the “where to watch the movie” problem worked itself out: I won tickets to a viewing. And they’re raffling off a $650 Manolo Blahnik gift certificate. Wish me luck.

I did indeed watch this mini season in one sitting, and my overtired brain was hating me the next day. I’m really glad it’s over.

But there was one point, when I got up to get a drink from the kitchen, that the theme music started playing and I actually had that feeling of “Yes! My show is on!”

I'll give you $100 if you say something bitchy about someone we know.

Episode One: let there be light

The theme is that Carrie is light and the Russian is darkness, as evidenced by the chocolates he pulls out of his pocket. Honestly, I thought that image was more Alice in Wonderland – one side makes you larger, the other makes you small. Also lots of looking glasses in this episode.

Miranda asks Steve “why did I have to shit where I eat?” which is nice because I was trying to remember how that phrase went the other day: there were a bunch of high school girls bumpin-n-grindin at the local watering hole last weekend. I was trying to tell a friend about it, saying “go down to sixth street to do that in front of a bunch of anonymous people; don’t shit where you sleep.” So I guess I was off by one word.

Then Miranda goes on to tell Steve what Robert said about “going deep,” which is a stupid thing to repeat to your current boyfriend. I’m surprised it just rolled off his back. MPK says they tried to show in this episode how Steve and Miranda are partners in crime, and I like that definition of a relationship.

Charlotte’s Burberry sleep mask was special-made for the show, says MPK. I actually don’t hate her in this episode.

Heartbreaking moment with Samantha and Smith. If Richard had a theme song, it would be “You’re so Vain.”

Samantha, I expected more from you.

Episode Two: the ick factor

Miranda proposing to Steve over $3 beers and having her wedding in a community garden is pretty close to what I’m going to end up doing. I’m pretty sure it’s because of my parents: they eloped in Vegas and my mom wore pants. That’s why I’m missing the bride gene.

Is Brady’s name now Brady Brady? They never really address that.

Carrie’s wearing a hat that is very modern Anna Karenina, and I think later in this episode Miranda calls her Anna Karenina.

I remember reading a review or something where the preview of this episode shows Samantha wanting breast implants and the reviewer was like “I can see where this is going.” Well, I couldn’t. I guess I’m just dumb. I was actually surprised they gave her cancer.

Same Edith Piaf song playing when Charlotte and Harry get food poisoning.

I don’t care how cheesy the rest of it is; when Aleksandr buys Carrie the dress she was ogling in Vogue, I wanted her marry him right there. When a guy actually listens to you and can buy gifts accordingly, it is so nice. However, I can see where it might just be part of his game.

Steve, I can't have sex anymore! I have a brain!

Episode Three: catch-38

Why am I not surprised that Samantha has blown Mick Jagger?

This episode is boring. It’s all baby talk.

But what is up with Steve washing Miranda’s hair with a bar of soap instead of shampoo? I remember when the first Bourne movie came out, someone told me the scene where Matt Damon dyes Franka Potente’s hair and then washes it for her was like super sexy. Then I watched it on a plane, and there was nothing to it. So I’m wondering if it was edited for the airline?

It's late. I should get back to Brooklyn before Steve thinks I've defected.

Episode Five: the cold war

Alright. I like how Miranda eats junk food and likes to watch TV, but giving her the trashy magazine addiction is just overkill. Especially when she says “I love it it’s my thing let it go.” Like, twice. She went to Harvard, come on.

Again, Carrie sucks: Whee! Let’s get drunk and go to my boyfriend’s house. My boyfriend who is an actual creative person and has to follow his muse, not like me, making a living off my social life.

The night I watched this episode, in which two mice invade Carrie’s apartment, I actually saw a mouse in my own house. Turns out he was a field mouse who can quite easily squeeze under the front door. The three of us ganged up on him (actually, i just kind of watched as dog and boyfriend did their jobs) and frightened him so much that he hasn’t been back.

Go get our girl.

Episode Seven: an american girl in paris (part une)

It’s cheesy, and I don’t care. I love Paris, I love how the show treated Carrie’s expectations of Paris, and I love, more than anything, the scene where Carrie steps out on to the balcony and squeals at la Tour Eiffel. It’s just the Parisienne rooftops in the background and the sunlight and even the air looking European. Sigh.

Also, I’ve always thought that Petrovsky’s daughter was a nod to Paul and Stella McCartney. I think the girl looks like Stella, and the fact that Stella used to design for Chloe and the girl’s name is Chloe… Just another stylish girl with a famous father.

Ha. Samantha’s a cougar. I just realized that.

Ouch. Carrie left her laptop.

MPK does this really funny thing on the commentary when Big walks into the coffee shop. He says Big has to answer to her…and her…and her, as the camera pans past each of the girls.

I like how the wife of Alek’s best friend holds her own in the conversation with the boys instead of just making small talk with Carrie.


Episode Eight: an american girl in paris (part deux)

I’m writing about these last two episodes in real time because I watched them one time through without writing anything down, and now I’ve got two screens open on my desktop and I’m typing while watching and now I’m wishing I had been doing this all along. Damn.

Smith’s hair looks stupid after he dyes it.

Ah, the return of the cigarettes. She’s even eating at the patissier and smoking between bites. MPK says the giant dog smelled like a barn.

I’m guessing the tourist that’s filming her from the boat is …swedish?

aww, she sees her book in the shop. Too bad she completely screws those people over. I hate that.

Oh, the couple from Charlotte. Why would Charlotte and Harry serve them lox? That’s not really a very democratic offering, especially knowing that they’re hillbillies. “Is that the fish?” B just told me “lox” is also a rap group out of NYC that includes DMX and Eve.

My sister tells me that I really liked the french rap song (DJ Solar) that’s playing in the background while Carrie is running around Paris and Miranda is running around Brooklyn. I don’t remember saying that, but I’m proud of myself if I did.

Magda gets prettier in every episode. I hope I look like her when I’m old.

I love that when Big finally finds Carrie, she’s squatting in her nouveau-tutu looking for diamonds.

She says “this is so surreal.” I hate that word, ever since a fellow bookstore employee described our work environment as surreal. Fatuous statement, here and then.

Ah, Big’s name. That was my achilles heel. I didn’t like Big, but in arguing with a Big proponent, I conceded that Carrie was allowed to end up with Big IF we learned his real name. And we did, so she did.

“And if you find someone to love the you you love, well, that’s just fabulous.” Okay, I get it now.