Samantha, I expected more from you.

Episode Two: the ick factor

Miranda proposing to Steve over $3 beers and having her wedding in a community garden is pretty close to what I’m going to end up doing. I’m pretty sure it’s because of my parents: they eloped in Vegas and my mom wore pants. That’s why I’m missing the bride gene.

Is Brady’s name now Brady Brady? They never really address that.

Carrie’s wearing a hat that is very modern Anna Karenina, and I think later in this episode Miranda calls her Anna Karenina.

I remember reading a review or something where the preview of this episode shows Samantha wanting breast implants and the reviewer was like “I can see where this is going.” Well, I couldn’t. I guess I’m just dumb. I was actually surprised they gave her cancer.

Same Edith Piaf song playing when Charlotte and Harry get food poisoning.

I don’t care how cheesy the rest of it is; when Aleksandr buys Carrie the dress she was ogling in Vogue, I wanted her marry him right there. When a guy actually listens to you and can buy gifts accordingly, it is so nice. However, I can see where it might just be part of his game.

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