It's late. I should get back to Brooklyn before Steve thinks I've defected.

Episode Five: the cold war

Alright. I like how Miranda eats junk food and likes to watch TV, but giving her the trashy magazine addiction is just overkill. Especially when she says “I love it it’s my thing let it go.” Like, twice. She went to Harvard, come on.

Again, Carrie sucks: Whee! Let’s get drunk and go to my boyfriend’s house. My boyfriend who is an actual creative person and has to follow his muse, not like me, making a living off my social life.

The night I watched this episode, in which two mice invade Carrie’s apartment, I actually saw a mouse in my own house. Turns out he was a field mouse who can quite easily squeeze under the front door. The three of us ganged up on him (actually, i just kind of watched as dog and boyfriend did their jobs) and frightened him so much that he hasn’t been back.

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