Go get our girl.

Episode Seven: an american girl in paris (part une)

It’s cheesy, and I don’t care. I love Paris, I love how the show treated Carrie’s expectations of Paris, and I love, more than anything, the scene where Carrie steps out on to the balcony and squeals at la Tour Eiffel. It’s just the Parisienne rooftops in the background and the sunlight and even the air looking European. Sigh.

Also, I’ve always thought that Petrovsky’s daughter was a nod to Paul and Stella McCartney. I think the girl looks like Stella, and the fact that Stella used to design for Chloe and the girl’s name is Chloe… Just another stylish girl with a famous father.

Ha. Samantha’s a cougar. I just realized that.

Ouch. Carrie left her laptop.

MPK does this really funny thing on the commentary when Big walks into the coffee shop. He says Big has to answer to her…and her…and her, as the camera pans past each of the girls.

I like how the wife of Alek’s best friend holds her own in the conversation with the boys instead of just making small talk with Carrie.

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