Yes, Missus Adams, I brought the marijuana into the house. And I'm taking it with me when I go.

Episode Fifteen: hot child in the city

Favorite funny episode for this season, and perhaps, the whole series. It’s just so hilarious. Even Charlotte’s story is funny (and I get so bored with the “Trey is impotent” storyline). The marriage counselor tells them to share their fantasies, and they’re lying in bed and she’s got the crazy eyes going while she tells Trey about her “fairy princess riding a unicorn meeting a prince disguised as a pirate in buckskins” fantasy and Trey says “I’m in hell.” Ha.

Miranda gets braces, and she says: “it’s like I’m suddenly back in junior high, and believe me, I was lucky to get out alive the first time.” And Samantha deals with the Bat Mitzvah brat, who tells her “I’ve been giving blow jobs since I’m 12.” Hold on to that statement for a moment.

The funniest part, though, is when Power Lad gets Carrie stoned off the bong he made at camp Take-a-toke-ee. “The chicken wings! If they see billions of chicken wings, they’re gonna know we were smoking the pot.” Then he tries to blame it on her and she takes his pot and she, Samantha and Miranda (not Charlotte, no, of course not) get stoned on his $400-an-ounce Canadian Supergrass.

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