I'd love to stay, but I've got to drug my cat and take him to the kennel.

Episode Thirteen: escape from new york

Totally forgot about these episodes. Hollywood wanted to make a movie out of Carrie’s column long before the SATC book was written into the plot. So if the movie mentions turning the column into an HBO show, like I want it to, then we will have circumnavigated an entire postmodern circle: column, movie, book, show. It makes me dizzy.

I think Matthew McConaughey is acting like he’s on speed. It’s just so funny, because last Sunday was the episode of Family Guy where Stewie demonstrates how hard it is to tell MM that he sucks, and they kept playing that clip on 101x all week.

Wow, this is going to be an entry all about other TV shows/popular culture. I guess that’s the influence of Hollywood.

Samantha invites her dildo model over for “dim sum and then some.” That same joke was used on Veronica Mars. Sidenote: I hate dim sum. I think it’s disgusting.

Also, my favourite british TV show, Coupling, used the dildo model plot device as well. The character Patrick, whose god-given attributes are a running joke throughout the series, finds out that an ex took the best part of him with her and marketed it as “the Junior Patrick.”

One last thing: the “perverted Nancy Drew” phone call where Carrie tells Charlotte how to test Trey’s impotence is the only time in the show where she sounds like an actual “sexpert.”

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