Our affair, like our hotel rooms, had gone from elegant with crystal to seedy with plastic cups.

Episode Eleven: running with scissors

Ha. The Japanese business man thinks Carrie’s a hooker. Ha.

It cracks me up when Carrie voices her delusion that everybody is going to get out of the affair alive and Miranda says “I don’t watch Lifetime television for women.” She doesn’t just say the network, she’s says the whole tag line. Funny.

And if I had any lingering doubts about the voiceover being Carrie’s column, this episode was the coup d’grace. Natasha and Aidan could have just read Carrie’s column and learned about the affair.

In the very end, Carrie says “I’d found a way to let myself out of the mess,” meaning the affair with Big. Um, no? You don’t get credit for that one. You got caught, you didn’t end it through courage and conviction. What kind of person would keep sleeping with a married man after his wife breaks a tooth chasing her out of their apartment? No one. Nope, that summary statement was way off the mark.

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