Why would that cheer her up? Does she look like a 22-year-old frat boy?

Episode Fourteen: sex in another city

Well, I caught an error in my Kiss and Tell book: Carrie obviously sleeps with the Vince Vaughn character, but he’s not in her “did” column. I’ve been going through that book as I watch these episodes, and I’m realizing that it’s kind of shoddily produced.

A word about the lightening bolt necklace Carrie is wearing in this episode. The “Carrie” necklace is the famous necklace, right? She wears the lightening bolt in maybe two episodes, right? And if the lightening bolt is attributed to any fictional character, it would be Harry Potter, right?

I was once talking to this girl and she was wearing a lightening bolt necklace and I said “oh, is that a Harry Potter thing?” And she rolled her eyes and said “no, it’s a Sex and the City thing.” Grrrrr.

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