Okay girls, simmer down. Mommy hasn't had her caffeine yet.

Episode Sixteen: frenemies

Miranda gets stood up, and she calls Carrie and says: “This hasn’t happened to me since I’m 27.” Okay, what is that? The Bat Mitzvah brat says “since I’m 12” in one episode, and Miranda says “since I’m 27” in the next. Did I miss that grammar lesson? Why are they saying it like that? That’s always bothered me.

In the final scene, when Carrie takes her Learning Annex class out for drinks and helps them meet guys, there is some very, very bad acting going on in the foreground right before the credits roll. Seriously, it’s terrible. This girl has to be sleeping with someone involved with the show, because she stinks. And the thing is, she doesn’t even have a speaking part, yet she manages to stink up the whole shot.

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