I don't have any outfits that go with hunk!

Episode Seventeen: what goes around comes around

Carrie gets mugged for her Monolos, and she goes into a salon to call the police. They give her some slippers to wear, but wouldn’t it be much funnier if she were wearing those goofy flipflops they give you after a pedicure? Just saying.

Samantha says Natasha works at Ralph LAUR-en, not Ralph Laur-EN. Now I’m confused.

Carrie feels like she has to apologize to Natasha, and the ice princess gives her some major frost burn. I had a situation kind of like this, where I got involved in messy little triangle, but the guy wasn’t married. When Carrie says “I can’t believe there is someone in New York who could hate me that much,” that kind of sums up how it felt to be the other woman.

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