Jo, no 'e.' — She got the 'e' cut off!

Episode Eighteen: cock-a-doodle-do!

This is weird because Aidan and Steve are out with their new girlfriends — because, apparently, they’re friends now — but we never saw them meet when they were dating Carrie and Miranda. Carrie says “two beers at a time? Did Miranda and I give you guys a drinking problem?” which is such a foot-in-the-mouth moment because obviously there were other people at the table. And “Jessica,” Steve’s date, is one of the models from the Modelizer episode, with a new haircut.

Carrie tells Big that the two of them are a good idea in theory, but they just don’t work. Then the voiceover says that they have become something else. So does that mean they might be able to work, now that they are something else?

This is my least favorite season-ender, because SJP is so obnoxious in that roof top scene: “I need to see you spin first, sistah!” Uggh. But they are drinking Flirtinis (champagne, vodka, and pineapple), which is something I might have to try.

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