If I wasn't perpetually ten minutes late, would my life be totally different?

Episode Eight: the big time

We learn two interesting facts in this episode.

1) Carrie last her virginity in the 11th grade to Seth Bateman on a ping pong table in his basement after half a joint.

2) Samantha is “a little older” than the rest of the girls. She says this like it’s news to them, but it clearly isn’t.

Carrie and Big have the same run-in on the Gab party boat as they did in the “modelizer” episode: she has her mouth full of canape and someone accidentally shoves her into him.

There’s this whole theme about “time” with Big: he keeps saying he needs to do things in his own time during the first two seasons. In this episode, titled ‘the big time,” he finally comes around and realizes he wants Carrie, so he shows up at her apartment. Aidan has gone to set the TIMEr on the coffee maker and realizes Carrie doesn’t have any filters so he runs down to “the Korean.” That’s a totally mundane thing to do, set the coffee timer, and I think it’s only in the episode to get Aidan out of the apartment and get us thinking about time in order to set up the return of the notorious B.I.G.

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