I realized I was in the throes of an existential crisis. For the first time in my life, I was in a relationship where absolutely nothing was wrong.

Episode Seven: drama queens

It is unsettling, this whole “relationship without drama” thing. Samantha tells Miranda, who is also in a state of domestic bliss: “your relationship is my greatest fear realized.” It used to be mine, too, but you get used to it. You get fat and happy and you wonder how you ever survived all those bad relationships.

Carrie is complaining that she doesn’t feel the “stomach flip” with Aidan, and Miranda says that “the stomach flip is really just a fear of losing the guy.” I don’t know about that, but it kind of makes sense.

This episode marks the return of Big. In TV time, he was gone for like, ever, but in DVD time, I barely missed him.

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