Wow, it's like a Danielle Steel novel in here.

Episode Six: are we sluts?

This is the episode where Miranda has chlamydia, clamidia — fuck it, the clap — and she has to call everyone she’s ever slept with and tell them to get tested. It’s weird, because she calls a guy we, the audience, have seen before, and he has the same personality, job situation, and break-up history with Miranda, yet he has a different name. What’s up with that? Oh, and he’s the one that gave it to her.

Carrie is wearing her “coat of many colors” for the third time in this season, and I love it. “Kiss and Tell” says it’s from Bergdorf Goodman, and it’s so cute and patchwork-like and not at all in-your-face Carrie fashion.

When Steve and Miranda are in bed talking about their “numbers,” the book Steve is reading is the Beginner’s Guide to Aquariums. Nice bedtime reading, buddy.

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