I used to think that people who sat alone at Starbucks writing on their laptops were pretentious posers.

Episode Thirteen: the good fight

We have commentary.

MPK says the Pete in this season is a replacement Pete, partly because the original Pete was terrified of John Corbett. He also says that “stunt Pete” had to be trained for two months in order to really chew on Carrie’s shoe. Ha! My dog could beat the crap out of Stunt Pete in a shoe-chewing contest.

There’s this talk about “the SSB – Secret Single Behavior.” This is the type of thing that made me want to give up on this show. What a stupid thing to say. “Invasion of the Single Snatchers,” hell no. This is the first pin prick of a constant needling that will dominate the final two seasons, and believe me, I’ll have plenty to say about it when we get there.

Turns out Kim Catrall speaks German, which is why there’s the whole scene with Richard conducting a business deal in German. The thing is, German sounds a lot like English sometimes (I repeat, SOMETIMES), so you think it would be pretty obvious that “Fichh Mich” equals “Fuck Me,” not “Fuck you.”

Hey! I just came across some internet porn trying to translate “Fuck Me” to German.

Here’s something big that I’ve been waiting on: I had heard that, at some point during Season Five, the World Trade Center would no longer be included in the opening credits. I never really noticed the first time around, but this is the episode where that happens. What I didn’t know, and MPK so kindly provided, was that the entire rooftop scene with Samantha and Richard had the Twin Towers in the background, and they were digitally removed before the episode aired. I thought 9/11 had been Hollywood-ized, politicized, and Toby Keith-ized enough that I would no longer feel chills, but this kind of did it.

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