I ate too much chicken, I think. Will you rub my belly, baby?

Episode Fourteen: all that glitters…

As much beef as I have with Hillary Swank playing the lead in P.S. I Love You (in the book, Holly was blond and bubbly), I did like the movie, especially for it’s beautiful Irish scenery and beautiful “Irish” men. One of Gina Gershon’s lines (love, love Gina Gershon – Eva Mendes is like the poor man’s Gina Gershon) is about “grope-free dancing” at a gay club. That is exactly what it is! I never could verbalize why I liked gay clubs so much in college, but that was the reason. No groping, and the guys would tell you how pretty you were and that they loved your outfit.

Anthony’s love interest in this episode is so cute and funny. I think he was in another episode, but I’ll have to check. Yep! He’s the guy Stanford meets in the underwear-only club.

Stanford makes fun of Carrie for wearing Candies. I swear, if it weren’t for this show, I wouldn’t know that things like Candies and scrunchies were verbotten. Or how to pronounce Manolo Blahnik.

Stupid Carrie moment when she mimmicks gay porn music for Aidan. Painful to watch.

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