These were my baguettes. Because it turned out my husband was a fag-ette, now they're earrings.

Episode Sixteen: ring a ding ding

Oooh, the money between friends conversation. This is hard, because you want to agree with Charlotte, because what she says is more logical, but Carrie wins out in the end, and Charlotte does look like a bitch. Maybe if she had just handled it better.

The whole make-up scene between Carrie and Charlotte (which may be at the same restaurant where Carrie shows her the shoes she bought to bring her face to face with Natasha) is like Charlotte is proposing to Carrie. It seems intentional.

If each of the girls had lent her ten grand each, I would have been happier. This in-debt-to-Charlotte thing doesn’t sit well with me, because by the time the series ends, two years later, you know she hasn’t paid it off. At least, I wouldn’t think so.

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