If you're going to ruin our lives, I'd at least like to look at a nice piece of jewelry.

Episode Twelve: just say yes

So Carrie makes a big deal about how bad the first engagement ring is (the one Miranda helped pick out), and I honestly had no idea what was wrong with it. She’s supposedly not the marrying kind, but she sure had opinions about the ring. I’m not the marrying kind, but I have no thoughts on engagement/wedding rings. Or maybe it’s just jewelry in general.

There’s this whole scene between Samantha and Richard that kind of zooms in on Samantha’s PR job. It’s pretty insightful, and I never caught it before this viewing. Basically, it boils down to: all those features you read in the New York Times travel section are journalistic prostitution for advertising dollars, but in a different way than you might think. Neat.

I also never noticed, and really love, how Trey walks into his apartment, hears the Mandarin language tapes, and looks at the number on the door to make sure he has the right apartment.

The proposal scene is kind of sweet, except Aidan asks Carrie if she has a baggie (for Pete’s poo) before he pops the question. Kiss and Tell says that Woody Allen and Sun Yi were watching from their apartment window as SATC filmed this scene. And if you look on the Kiss and Tell map, the spot where Aidan proposes is kind of far from Carrie’s apartment.

Hate Charlotte Moment: she tells Trey she’s doing all the work to get pregnant, leaving out the fact that he goes to an actual job to pay for her to sit at home and do all this baby-making “work.”

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