You a PC user? Yeah, you're not compatible.

Episode Eight: my motherboard, myself

I can’t find the name of this coffe place Carrie frequents. It’s sounds like Obam Pam, but I’ve googled googled and searched through lists of NY coffee houses and nothing. It’s like a low-rent version of Starbuck’s, said Michael Patrick King in one of his commentaries. New Yorker thing that I’ve never heard of otherwise.

Aidan calls Carrie “Lady Bird.” I’m going to take this opportunity to say that Lady Bird Johnson did not want Lake Austin renamed after her while she was alive, so the city officials are some mighty presumptious punks to rush it through two weeks after her death. And it should be Lake Lady Bird, not Lady Bird Lake, you morons. She was married to LBJ, of Lake LBJ, not LBJ Lake. Duh.

This is the episode where Aidan starts reading her column…out loud…over her shoulder…while she is writing. I would kill him.

Carrie gripes at Miranda about never mentioning backing up your computer work before, that everyone is secretly running home at night to back up their work. I like this scene because I feel like this with a lot of grown-up things, like car insurance and the stock market and posting videos on youtube – how does everyone else but me seem to know how these work?

That same Edith Piaf song is playing during this episode. I’ve already forgotten how to spell the title.

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