bullshit cheer-me-up bagels

Episode Seven: time and punishment

“No, you are bullshit, you and your bullshit cheer-me-up bagels. They’re just a decoy so you can talk about Aidan. Look! You didn’t even bring cream cheese.”

I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate how SJP says “you have to forgive me” seven times during the final scene of this episode. Is that acting? What the hell is going through John Corbett’s mind, trying to play against that?

I do like the conversation Charlotte and Miranda have about Charlotte quitting her job because they’re both right and easy to identify with, plus Charlotte is wearing a super-cute outfit. Charlotte says feminism is about choice and Miranda says she should go ask her husband. But then Charlotte says “I choose my choice!” like four times. I’m guessing the writer needed to fill some word count quota; otherwise, what’s with all the repeating?

Also, Carrie writes about partial lobotomies and relationships going well together, which ends up being the plot of Eternal Sunshine and the Spotless Mind. It’s amazing how someone could make a movie out of that idea. Not sarcasm, no; I am completely impressed. It’s one thing to type up a cute little quandry, and another thing to make it play out in a feature length film. How many times have you had random ideas that never get developed beyond “that would be cool”?

2 thoughts on “bullshit cheer-me-up bagels

  1. Amazing i feel like you're the only other person that connected soliloquy anout relationships and lobotomies to eternal sunshine! Every time i watch that episode i think of that movie. And what an encouraging thought to develop am idea you might have thought of in passing. Play it out to the end..i like that and will practice that. Great post!


  2. Oh, I wish I had seen this sooner! I hope you are letting your ideas play out, writesthewrongs, and thanks for commenting! I came here to shut down this forgotten blog (at the end of the month), but if you see this, I'm over here on Twitter: @mandyjoshelton!P.S. Happy SJP Day!


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