Would it be bad to have a martini with a muscle relaxer or bad in a good way?

Episode Five: ghost town

Miranda runs into Steve and he says “I guess you didn’t get the invitation yet.” Ouch. It turns out to be the bar opening invite, but you can practically see Miranda’s stomach drop when she thinks it’s a wedding invitation. And they don’t even have to say it out loud, you just know what she’s thinking.

Carrie gets a little huffy, saying “that’s all I get?” when Aidan acknowledges her presence at the bar with a bowed head. Come on now, Bratty, you cheated on him. He could come over and punch you in your (horse) face.

Oh my god, I have to say this even though it is mean, mean, mean. There was this girl I didn’t know in college, but people I knew did know her and didn’t like her, and they would say “why the long face?” Yikes! But I saw her today (that’s why I thought of it) and she looks really good and she’s got a fancy job so I guess she’s coping just fine.

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