I don't know what to say. I'm sorry Charlotte, may I get you a hankie?

Episode One: the agony and the ‘ex’-tacy

At first I thought this was the episode where Samantha takes ecstasy, because of the title. Now, looking back, I can’t seem to remember why exes are mentioned – unless it’s Senor Big’s arrival at the very end. Geez, maybe I shouldn’t wait this long to blog, if I’ve already forgotten the plot. But seriously, I’ve looked at the episode recap on imdb, and that’s really the only mention of an ex.

Carrie’s lonesome 35 birthday is about on par with all of my recent birthdays — I haven’t had a good one since I turned 21 (and we know why I had fun then).

Big gives Carrie red balloons, and I’m wondering if these are the same balloons from the HBO commercial. And she asks him to “pick a box” to indicate his age, but she knows how old he is (she called him “a 42-year-old baby” in Season Two, and a “43-year-old emotionally unavailable man” in Season Three).

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