There it was: the article I had put my heart and soul into. And it was bleeding.

Episode Seventeen: a ‘vogue’ idea

This was in the running for favorite episode of the season, but I just can’t get past that old dude with his pants around his ankles.

Carrie stores the picture of her and her father in a classic JD Salinger paperback copy of Franny and Zooey. I’ve read that book since Season One, when it first came up, and it turns out the Zooey is a boy (short for Zachary) and Franny is his sister. Really good characters.

Fun Charlotte-is-psycho quote: “It has a white chocolate peanut butter baby inside and YOU CAN EAT THE BABY!”

The whole Manolo Blahnik-Mary Jane scene kind of gets me in my little shoe-loving heart because I’ve been looking for a pair of Mary Janes. It was weird; they came back big time when I was in junior high, but we all got ours at Payless. That’s not going to work this time around.

And I love the choice of Candice Bergen for the Vogue editor, and I love that she keeps coming back on the show (twice? I’m not sure). I remember watching Murphy Brown with my grandmother when I was little; and when I was in college, I would get out of swimming class and take a shower before dinner and watch M.B. reruns on Lifetime while I dried my hair/took a nap. Good times.

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