Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Episode Eighteen: i heart ny

So, MPK had to comment on this one because he had to make very clear that he had written this episode, title and all, BEFORE 9/11. It’s kind of obnoxious to hear him say it, but someone has to do it. That kind of thing is so hard: you want people to know that you were not jumping on a band wagon or, worse, exploiting a catastrophe; but to be the one saying it about yourself still sounds like you’re tooting your own horn. “I predicted New York was special BEFORE it was attacked by terrorists! I’m a true I-heart-New Yorker! The rest of you are just posers.”

Otherwise, I really like the commentary because it completely justifies my (poorly-integrated) rant about Breakfast at Tiffany’s in the very first SATC blog entry. “Holly Golightly is a prototype, descendant of Carrie’s,” he says about the decision to use “Moon River.” I feel totally justified. And they itentionally did not reference the movie.

I like that Carrie tells Big that he can’t leave because he’s the Chrysler Building. I’ve always liked the Chrysler Building best.

It’s funny how Charlotte confesses that Monet is one of her favorites, and Bunny detests Monet because he’s “such a sap.”

MPK says they didn’t know if Mr. Big was coming back, and his final appearance on the show could have been riding away in a horse-drawn carriage. No way.

MPK also says something about the doctor “stitching up” Miranda after she’s given birth. Is that standard procedure? Always? I’m really not having kids now.

The leaves in the trees in the final scene were actually green when they filmed this episode, says MPK. They made it look like fall by tinting them, and the falling leaf is animated. It looks really good though.

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