Just her nails and her shoes…both acrylic.

Episode Eight: the catch

Hate this episode too, but not because of the show. It’s because of the trapeze.

There was this travel show called Five Takes that I watched once because a co-worker was going to be on it, and the group was visiting New York. They had to pick one thing to do, and some idiot girl forced the whole group to do the flying trapeze because she had seen it on Sex and the City. I hate people like that. Can you not fly on a trapeze anywhere else in the world? Everyone else wanted to do something Manhattan-specific, and this bitch won out because it’s an art director’s dream. It’s like going to a seafood restaurant and ordering chicken.

Otherwise, I love the “Charlotte’s second wedding” episode (“I’m having a Jewish wedding and I look like Hitler!”). She hits Miranda in the back of the head with her bouquet, which is strangely similar to my own encounter with a hostile bouquet a couple of years ago.

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