Hey, I just, uh, left 'Silent Y' in the bathroom, and P.S. apparently the eighties are back.

Episode Three: defining moments

This is actually a really good episode that I had forgotten about. And Ray King, the jazz musician, is a multiple-episode boyfriend that I had overlooked. Craig Bierko…. oh my god! He was in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (the crazy dust-covered photographer at the bike race who hooks up with Cameron Diaz.) He’s also a broadway star.

Carrie’s voiceover perpetuates the myth that eskimos have 100 words for “snow” (while she’s drinking San Pellegrino out of the liter bottle – wouldn’t it go flat? I had lunch in an Italian restaurant the other day and ordered a San Pellegrino. They brought me an entire liter bottle and charged me $5 for it, so I took it with me when I left). I’ve heard that the researcher that propogated this myth didn’t realize that there were several different eskimo languages. It’s a nice idea though, sort of like college students having 100 different words for “drunk.”

Ray slips Carrie a note that asks if Mr. Big is her boyfriend. That’s kinda forward, isn’t it? By all appearances, he would have been her boyfriend. I wish Big would have hit on a waitress or something to signal that they weren’t together. And Ray orders Big “another Glenlivit,” but there’s no way he could have known what the man was drinking. No way anyone can be that good, I don’t care how much you like scotch.

Big getting so jealous and put upon during the menage-a-taxi is a moment four years in the making, and I love it. I also love the perfect comedic timing of Carrie’s dual-phone call with Ray and Big.

And Samantha! Forget the faux lesbian storyline; when she sets Mr. Big up with “so you’re available?” and then tears him a new one, it is definitely, as Maria puts it, “keek ass.” They never say if Carrie found out what she said to him, or that she said anything at all.

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