The Handmaid’s Tale

We got an Amazon Fire Stick, which, OMG, changes the entire unemployment landscape. Shows that were previously unavailable to me, like my beloved Canadian soap opera Being Erica, are now a click away. So I immediately binged Hulu’s adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale.

Episode One:

The ear tag. I was just thinking yesterday how I never got one of the cartilage piercings (some girls just looked better in them), and here we have an ear tag with a serial number on it.

Margaret Atwood’s cameo at the Red Center–laughed out loud.

Something from the book, and history–they lock up the Bible so servants can’t read it. The Bible.

The salvaging was done completely wrong, though. That’s not Offred. In the book, that’s one of Ofglen’s shining moments. [Editorial note: within the context of the entire season’s arc, it makes more sense. But we’ve left the book material by this point.]

Ofglen was married to a woman!

Episode Two

June was an assistant book editor! And a preacher’s daughter?!? Maybe? “My father’s parish” can mean he belonged there or he led there.

“Would you like a cookie?” “Aw, isn’t she well-behaved?”

Three Little Birds…and Tears for Fears. Excellent music choices this episode. One of the instructors at my yoga studio has three little birds tattooed on her shoulder.

Episode Three

Barr & Monroe publishing? “You can’t work here anymore; it’s the law now.” That layoff scene had me shook.

So my publishing department was just shut down at work. Eleven people: ten women and one man. The man was immediately offered another job on campus. None of the women even received help from HR to locate another position. They kept one clerk for a few months to help shut the place down and gave her the work of three people to do.

I had to rewind because I though Alexis Bledel’s hair was Rory-Gilmore-short in the first scene and we were looking at two different prison sentences, but it was tucked into her shirt.

Episode Four and Five

Started applying for jobs.



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