Hindsight and Deja Vu

Being Erica aired on Canadian TV from 2009-2011. I watched it on SoapNet and on YouTube and waited for the rumored American version, which has finally started airing on VH1 in 2015. [*I wrote this in 2015. The show has since been canceled]

Here’s what Erica and Becca have in common: they both work in publishing, their parents divorced after the children were grown, and they each have a troubled brother.

One major difference: Erica goes back and forth, from present to past (and once or twice, the future), while Becca has gone back once, to 1995, and stays there. Erica has “sessions” with her “therapist,” Dr. Tom, who has a philosophical quote for every episode, while Becca’s mysterious stranger has yet to explain himself, and his one Zen koan turned out to be a sign hanging in a bar.

Being Erica was filmed in Toronto, which was pretty awesome. Hindsight has the cute little peach logo at the end, shared by Archer and The Walking Dead, proclaiming “Made in Georgia.” Turns out, Hindsight was filmed in Atlanta but set in New York City… which is less awesome. Tons of shows and movies film in NYC; having another city stand in for it seems like another throwback to the 90s.

Becca is always wearing a Michigan sweatshirt, which has yet to be explained, but Erica earned her BA and MA at the University of Toronto. Hindsight‘s theme song (“In the Meantime” by Spacehog) beats the crap out of Erica’s theme song (a girly Lily Frost song produced specifically for the show).

The most interesting character in Hindsight is Becca’s best friend and roommate, Lolly. The two of them have their own “secret language of movie quotes” (some favorites so far: “I carried a watermelon,” and “A best friend’s work is never done.”) Lolly works in a video store, thinks the cancellation of My So-Called Life was the worst thing that ever happened, and argues that not taking muscle relaxers on your wedding days is the most important lesson learned from Sixteen Candles.

When Becca travels from 2015 to 1995, she is in an elevator. The buttons light up to countdown 10…9…8… and she is flashing back to New Year’s Eve, 1993/4, when she turns to Lolly and says: “I have to tell you something.” Then she wakes up on her (first) wedding day, which is October of 1995. No clue why an event two years earlier is triggering the time travel, hope that gets explained.

The Irish tie-in: one of Erica’s three major love interests is Irish (he shows up in Season Three). Becca’s first wedding, in 1995, took place at “St. John Ireland Church” in Manhattan (St. Patrick’s). In the second episode, the new author whose manuscript comes through Becca’s publishing company, who Becca knows will become a superstar in “fusion philanthropy,” talks about hanging out with Bono while at a writer’s retreat in Kilkenny and teaching the occasional seminar at Trinity College.

A few other things: Becca looks like a cross between Shakira and Sienna Miller, her dad eating Moo Goo Gai Pan (in the 90s) makes me very happy, as does “Where’s the Keurig?” and Lollypalooza, and Anthony from Sex and the City as Becca’s horrible boss, Simon, who barks orders with the preface “Simon says….”

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