You can't expect to move to Wonder Woman's island and not go native.

Episode Six: the cheating curve

As with the quote above, Samantha is usually very accurate in predicting what will go wrong in her friends’ lives throughout this season. In a weird, practical way, she’s the conscience of the show.

Carrie uses the word “constitues” about four times in this episode, as in the quandry of the episode: “what constitutes cheating?” Something about the way she says it makes me never want to use that word again. It sounds pretentious and idiotic at the same time.

I’m also wondered how she screwed up fondue. I’ve never made it, but isn’t just melted cheese? How can it be horrible?

Apparently, Mr. Big has no friends, just interested parties.

When Miranda sees Carrie doing the walk of shame at 7 a.m. in the wrong (for her) part of town, they actually stop on the street and have a conversation about men and sex. That is just overkill right there.

And who the hell uses a diaphragm? How does it get stuck for 24 hours? If you can’t get it out, can a semi-drunk girlfriend really do it for you? If you handed me one of those things, I would neither a) know what it was, or b) know how to use it. Just sayin.

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