the time batman and the green hornet got in a fight

Episode Ten: belles of the balls

“I’m just saying it’s like the time Batman and the Green Hornet got in a fight. Everybody expected Batman to win cause he’s got the gadgets and the cape and shit, but the Green Hornet had the moves. See, I’m the Green Hornet, I got the moves. Plus, I got Pete, and he’s like Cato, aren’t you boy?”

Favorite episode of the season, probably because of the man-fight but also because there are lots of little throw away jokes and the whole theme of men just being girls with balls is handled very well.

The above quote is recited by Aidan as he’s clipping his toenails in his tighty whiteys (he and Carrie are both wearing boys’ underwear in this scene, and right before the phone rings, she’s about to give his boys a tug). That alone is hilarious, this big burly guy acting all insecure and chasing the dog across the apartment in his man-panties. But, it turns out that when MPK pitched the idea of a fight with Big, John Corbett said “But I’d win, right?” and then launched into the Green Hornet speech. Which makes it even funnier.

I just read (in Kiss and Tell, yes) that Chris Noth had a lot to say about the “Big’s dating a movie star” storyline because it was something that had actually happened to him, and he used the phrase “She could reach me, but I could never get her” in his real life. Wonder who it was.

Carrie makes a slip in the coffee shop and calls the Green Hornet “the Green Lantern…whatever” and then there is a green lantern sitting outside the cabin when she tells Aidan that it was Batman on the phone and he is coming over. Aidan’s reply is “I don’t want him in my house,” which is such a chick thing to say.

And then! Big’s car pulls up, and the voiceover says “there it was – the Batmobile.” Then the shooting hoops and the fight and Carrie screaming “Stop it! You’re middle-aged!” Funny.

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