sometimes i catch myself actually posing

Episode Eleven: The Drought

“I’m not like me. I’m like Together Carrie. I wear little outfits, you know, Sexy Carrie and Casual Carrie. Sometimes I catch myself actually posing. It’s exhausting.”

Ah, the farting episode. I read that Carrie running into the door with the sheet over her head was not scripted, but happened accidentally. So that belly laugh from Mr. Big is natural. She makes it worse when she’s trying to act all mature, and all the while he’s planning to put a whoopee cushion in her chair.

She’s totally out of line when she goes to his apartment and tries to seduce him while he’s watching a pay-per-view fight. The whole “not having sex” problem is a really good example of Carrie going to her friends and getting three different perspectives.

I like that one of her interviews in this episode is the manicurist that is doing her nails while she talks to Miranda about the fart. And I’m impressed that she’s painting her kitchen cabinet freehand, without tape.

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