Okay, I understand why you see a shrink, you know, because you're always in your head.

Episode Thirteen: games people play

Couldn’t really think of anything to say about this episode. I thought I had, then I realized otherwise:

I had thought Bon Jovi was the first big guest star they had on the show, but then I remembered that the Donald was in an earlier episode this season. And I had thought the yellow shorts-blue halter top outfit was supposed to echo the colors on the Twister mat, and then the voiceover said “yellow pants off,” and I realized there was a joke in it too.

It’s just one of those “in-between” episodes that is especially hard to take seriously when you know the whole arch of the series.

I do agree with Carrie saying that therapy is “so self-indulgent” and ancient man didn’t need a shrink, but I’ve also gotten Miranda’s argument that “ancient man only lived till thirty” thrown back at me.

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