Next week you'll have a coke-dealing slum lord on the cover and I'll be history.

Episode Four: they shoot single people, don’t they?

There are certain props from television/movies that I would like to have in my possession, and the New York magazine cover from this episode is one of them (the others are a Beers jersey from Baseketball and the old-timey photo of the three Texas Rangers from Lonesome Dove).

I’m the first to admit that a lot of my personal catch phrases come from this show, but I had no idea they were so heavily concentrated into this one episode:

• Single and Fabulous

• I need a coffee the size of my head

• Well fuck you, exclamation point

• Everyone here is gay, gay, gay

This is also the episode where Carrie tries to quit smoking and she’s eating Hershey Kisses by the pound. I used pistachios, which are probably just as bad.

I’ve been watching for things I’ve never noticed before, and the thing I noticed about this episode is that when Stanford calls Carrie a “little tartini” and leaves her to go home, he walks right past the guy she’s about to leave with, and he turns around and looks at her with his mouth agape. Doesn’t really move the plot forward or anything, but I had never noticed it before.

Also, this episode is kind of elitist, because Carrie’s all appalled that she sees pity in the eyes of the man who sells her her Marlboro Lights, and later, Samantha lets the Pakistani bus boy kiss her, but she won’t go home with him.

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