It's like she's consciously trying to cultivate an eccentricity so that people won't notice that she's completely devoid of personality.

Episode Ten: the caste system

The above quote represents the most writerly, intelligent thing that Carrie has said in her dialogue, voice over, and column, period. Mr. Big’s response is “Well, don’t be a bitch.” She tells him “I’m not being a bitch, I’m just being myself.” You’re right, sweetheart, not only does he not love you, he has no idea who you are.

They make a big deal out of Miranda only letting Steve take her out to places he can afford, which means pizza, but the thing about Miranda is that she loves junk food. That character’s most-used prop is food. She should be perfectly happy surviving on pizza.

Okay, in the end, Carrie takes performance artist/caterer Jeremiah home with her, and after Mr. Big calls and tells her he loves her, she asks Jeremiah “did we…” He says no, and my “Kiss and Tell” guide to Sex and the City says no also, but I’m not so sure. Even though they’re both fully clothed, we don’t see Jeremiah lying in bed next to her until the exact second Mr. Big says “I fucking love you.” The voiceover says: “I felt like I was the lowest of the low. But I never told Mr. Big. I figured everything before I love you just doesn’t count.” Sounds to me like she slept with him.

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