cat's a regular

Episode Ten: all or nothing

“That’s Miranda’s cat, Fatty. Cat’s a regular; he doesn’t get billing but the cat is perfect. The cat is huge and fat and never, ever does anything wrong.”

That’s MPK talking about Miranda’s cat in the commentary, during the scene where Steve’s puppy is barking at Miranda’s bedroom door. Miranda is sleeping next to the cat and it’s glaring at the door and looks supremely pissed.

Lots of animalia this episode — it’s the one where Carrie loses Pete. Honestly, how the hell did a dog find it’s way back to it’s owner’s girlfriend’s apartment in NYC? No way. Worse, when Aidan says “he found his way back,” the voiceover says “and so had I.” Lame!

I also learned from the commentary that the theme music for the affair is a deconstruction of the Sex and the City theme by Groove Armada.

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